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Arkansas Pet Services Cremations with care and dignity for your pet
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Schedule of Services

Caring for our beloved pets is a responsibility we accept because of the love they share with us throughout their lifetime. That is why, at Arkansas Pet Services, we offer a variety of services to help you provide care and dignity at this time, as well.

Private Pet Cremation are available

Owners who contact the caring staff of Arkansas Pet Services directly will be offered a variety of choices to help make what can be a most emotional time a bit easier to bear. A private cremation provides custom service at the time it is needed, and return of the pet's ashes are rapid and guaranteed to be individually identified throughout the process. Private services do cost a bit more, but if time is a concern, and if it is important that you receive isolated remains, this could be the best choice for you.

Private pet cremains are returned within 4 days.

"Care and dignity even in death"

Shared Pet Cremations

Shared pet services are available through veterinarians and to individuals who prefer a quality, more economical cremation service. Pets are treated with dignity and respect through the process, and ashes are properly handled. Ashes from shared pet cremations are not returned to the family.
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