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Grieving for Pets

family dog Loss of a pet can leave an empty place in our lives as much as the loss of a family member. Grief is expressed in many ways and is healed by facing the grief and sharing feelings with a trusted friend. Sources that can help provide comfort and options for walking through this journey are available at:

Memorial Customs

As pets become more valued parts of our families, most people appreciate a small, family ceremony to commemorate the passing of their beloved companion. Children in particular, are fond of private ceremonies in which they say goodbye and remember the good times they shared with their little friend. Creating a memorial tribute can be an effective way to help people of all ages cope with grief. It's tangible and it's creative -- both ways that we process our emotions and share them.

Photos, drawings, poems and stories can be collected and arranged in a photo album as a tangible reminder of the loving impact the pet had on a family or special friend.

Living memorials such as planting a tree or garden can provide a lesson about life -- and help remember your relationship with your pet as a changing part of life. A memorial stone or marker helps tell the story of your tribute.

Ashes from the cremation of a pet's remains can be placed in an attractive urn and placed in a favorite location in the home or great outdoors.

Companion remembrance cards can help a friend by knowing that the beloved pet was part of others' lives, as well. Heartfelt emotional expressions can sooth pain and grief. A simple heartfelt card expresses caring thoughts in a loving way.

A framed photo or photo montage can capture many happy moments shared during the adventures of living together.

History of Pet Memorials

In Ancient Egypt household cats were regarded as sacred and were embalmed after death and buried in sacred repositories. Cats were also ritually cremated, and there is much evidence of this at the cat temple of Pakhet at Beni Hassan, where also quite recently a new seam of cat mummies was discovered. One theory held is that in general males were mummified and females cremated. Many wild, deified cats were kept in temples and this might be perceived as the true beginnings of cat domestication.

Indian legend that at the end of the evening friends gathered around the fire to share their thoughts and speak of each others good qualities. As the embers faded, friendships were sealed.

Cremation Services

Facing the death of a beloved pet can be difficult in many ways. The emotional loss makes it hard to know how to handle the practical details effectively. Your vetrinarian has experience with both birth and death, as well as respect for the human emotions involved in this painful event.

Arkansas Pet Services works both with veterinarians and directly with families who need pet cremation services. We provide pick-up services, quality crematorium services, and rapid return of the remains to the veterinarian or pet's family. Just call your vet or us for service.

What To Do When Your Pet Dies

When a pet dies at home, there are several things you can do to provide for dignified services.
  • The first decision is whether to call your veterinarian for assistance. If not, your local animal control office can often provide you with helpful information.
  • Then you must get the body ready for transport.
  • Clean the body by washing around all cavities. When an animal dies, all the muscles are relaxed, which may result in a leaking of body fluids. Wash any blood or excrement before storing the body.
  • Position the animal before stiffening sets in. Tuck the legs into a curled up position to prevent damage during transport.
  • Wrap him up in a blanket -- the one you wish him to be buried in, or any blanket you can spare.
  • If transport isn't immediate, place the wrapped body in a large plastic garbage bag, tie it tightly and place in the freezer to prevent further deterioration. It takes approximately six hours at room temperature for smells to become noticeable. Decomposition is faster in warmer temperatures. Remember, you may have to store the body for a number of days until you can have it properly taken care of.

Choices for After Care

Pet Cremation
Pet cremation is offered by most veterinary clinics, even if there is no crematorium availale. NOTE: Arkansas Pet Services will pick up your deceased pet from any veterinarian in our service area.

Prices for cremation services vary based on choice of shared or private service, and by weight. Shared cremation is less expensive, and you will not be able to receive your pet's ashes for private disposal. Private services return your pet's ashes to you for burial, placement in an urn, or for spreading.

Urns and Memory Boxes for Ashes
A wide variety of urns are available online for interment of ashes. They are available in wood, metal, ceramic and other materials. Some designs provide a placket for your pet's name and identification, as well as photos.

Pet Burial / Funeral Whole body burial is another method of disposal. Whether in nature, your own backyard, or at a designated pet cemetery, many families derive comfort from interring their friend in a place they will be able to visit. As health and enviromental regulations have become stricter, a home or nature burial may not be possible where you live. Please check your local animal control office or state laws for guidelines and restrictions.

Pet Cemeteries
Some communities have dedicated pet cemeteries available for traditional interment. Check with your vet or the phone book for such services that might be available in your area.

Pet Taxidermy and Freeze-Drying
Two of the more extreme methods of memoralizing a pet are traditional taxidermy and freeze-drying. Many taxidermists will not do pets. Your vet might be able to help you locate these services in your region.

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